A revolution in Health care

The human body is electric and no one seems to pay attention to this very important fact. Eastern Medicine has known for 5000 years that the body has meridians and chakras that send electrical impulses through out the body that can be altered with Acupuncture. Western Medicine discovered that the body has electric current in the 1700's, when they started measuring the heart beat and began to develope the elctrocardiogram or EKG-ECG. If the human body is electric then it would make since to discover how to understand it an how it effects health and what is the source of the electric current.

Well we know that the source of this electric current is from minerals that are found in the soil and taken up by the plants we consume. They are atomic and have possitive and negitive charges. They are taken up by plants This is related to photosynthsis and ionic exchange in the soil. Currently there are devices that can measure the electric current of the body which is like an Aura. This way of measuring the body tells you where the problem areas are in the body and how to address the illness. Through frequincy's and the colors of them we can identify health problems. Measuring health in this way is soon to be the best way to prevent illness and to reach perfect health. This will be a Revolution in health care. For more information see my blogs at myspace.com/dougbio

Trusting your instincts is lazy: Poker pro Liv Boeree on Big Think Edge

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In the summer of 2014, two videos were released that shocked the world. They showed the beheadings, by ISIS, of two American journalists – first, James Foley and then Steven Sotloff. Though the videos were widely discussed on TV, print and online news, most outlets did not show the full footage. However, it was not difficult to find links to the videos online.

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