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quote from marc [the] [origonal article QuoteWhat about NOT voting though?

All governments rely on the support of their victims (euphemistically called "Citizens") to be able to continue killing, stealing and lying as usual.  In places like the United States, it’s a generally held belief that governments, i.e., men and women providing services on a compulsory basis, do so by consent.

 Yes, as crazy as that is, most people believe it’s by consent.  One way this idea is created and maintained is by having political elections.
sadly your right,
but logiclly speaking , it seems to depend on people [acting together]

ok [at best ] one percent would even be aware of the truth of what your saying marc ,most of the 'civil[ill -alians] are just that [naturalised nationalist [naturalised] foreigners [created civilians] acting upon thier trible loyalties ,or members of groups and assosiations milking the system ,

all hoping to get thier ''guy' in so they too will get a spot to eat the slops from the pig [pub-lick] troff ,hoping for some future 'earmark'' govt grant , or just subbornly voting for thier team

[the media of course is feeding many to donkey vote unthinkingly between the two party demon autocracy]

those who can be led to act together got us into this mess [most ''freethinkers'' , are loners]

Remember, there is no choice as to whether you want and pay for their services or not, just a false "choice" in who is allegedly in charge of the men and women providing the service.

If you want real change, then this idea of consent must be stripped away so those acting as government are seen for exactly what they are: men and women unable or unwilling to bring their services to the market on a voluntary basis like normal people.

This idea of consent is the problem, not George Bush, Hillary Clinton or some other "leader."  This idea, held by enough people, is what allows such people to do and get away with the destruction of our freedom.

Libertarians and voluntaryists have long known voting is a powerful tool to convince people of the lie governments exist by consent. 
short of re-educating them via the main stream media [and movies , books ,talk shows , cop shows , and judge judy] ,that just isnt going to be allowed to happen [re-educating the voters up to speed]
That’s a pretty thick root; let’s start hacking away.  By not voting, one of the most powerful tools of government is taken away.

On my radio show The No State Project on February 9, 2008, I introduced my idea of keeping the momentum of the Ron Paul revolution going, and doing a voter bomb, or a non-voter bomb as suggested by my guest, fellow voluntaryist Alex Knight III, a contributor to Strike the Root.com. 

The idea is to campaign, using the internet, radio, signs etc., for Ron Paul supporters and other freedom minded people to demand to be taken off the voter registration records with their "state" elections bureau. 

To send a clear message: we’re fed up and not participating anymore; we’re taking steps to be free and we’re not asking for permission.

We’ll give them an "Election Day" they’ll remember.

 A symbolic day such as 9/11, prior to the "elections" on November 4, 2008; everyone mails their demand letter to the appropriate officials the same day.

 The message will have more impact if handled by a private company instead of the post office.  The letters could be delivered in custom Non-voter bomb envelopes.
delivered with explanitory letters to every voters letter box!!

if you want change

we need them printed and distributed in the few days before poling day

then there is pre poll voting , needing at least all of us working together [yet alone putting them into [300,000,000 ??]post boxes
QuoteThere’s no precedent I’m aware of; so let’s make history.  An ongoing campaign to get as many people off the voter roles as possible.  I’ll have a template available for free on my website, all people have to do is fill in their name and the mailing address of the local election officials.
''one nation did it here in oz
every post box ,[it got them 8 seats in govt [from memory]
they were die hard racists
but they put a news paper [broad sheet size election spin , including constituition, and jury nullification stuff, and other issues never able to be covered by the mainstream media QuoteHere in the United States, there’s no "law" making voting compulsory; so there’s no worry you may be imprisoned or fined.  The risk factor is zero for this act of non-participation.

Freedom is ours for the taking; it will come through non-violent non-cooperation; not through the political process. 

absolutly true ,
but by voting independent ''names [i think we all know a few of them]
it can [has been fiekld tested here in oz
QuoteThe political process, such as voting, only strengthens the twisted root of tyranny. 

the corrupting influence of the lobby is very persuesive
add peer presure
plus the fact that we arnt really orgsanised to ''run'' things
being independant [yet also [i wont go there ]

but we can do what ron paul [obama did as well as they did]
using the same motivation we have so far
but getting behind our alternative movement people we have all tested in time
by thier works
QuoteRefusing to participate in the political process takes away the deception governments exist by consent; that’s hacking away at the root and is the only thing that brings us closer to a free, voluntary society.
ok we make a point but the media will spin it thier own way
plus the system wont even admit recieving it

its a lot of presure to put upon ''one delivery firm''

one is easilly gotten at ?
For more information, tune in to my radio show, The No State Project, live every Saturday from 5-7 pm est, 2-4 pm pst, on the We the People Radio Network.  You can join the show by calling (888) 202-1984 and (512) 646-1984.

"But to tear down a factory or to revolt against a government or to avoid repairs of a motorcycle because it is a system is to attack effects rather than causes; and as long as the attack is upon effects only, no change is possible.

so they would have us believe
i know better
i saw a nobody nothing get representation
as easy as pie,
a few lousy racists made a movement
what can a free thinking people achieve
by doing what we do best [electroniclly]
and human power   
QuoteThe true system, the real system, is our present construction of systematic thought itself, rationality itself,
[/quote [but a gold less [spiritless ;oppressive regime]

Quoteand if a factory is torn down but the rationality which produced it is left standing, then that rationality will simply produce another factory. 

[[or sysytem]
If a revolution destroys a systematic government, but the systematic patterns of thought that produced that government are left intact, then those patterns will repeat themselves in the succeeding government."

 Robert Pirsig, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

Marc Stevens
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