A new Belief


                                               This Belief not religion is called Humanism

                         Dont let religions rules interfer with humanitys cooperation (dont let religion come inbetween humanitys peace, while leting people have there opinions.) wars have been fought because of religion which caused humanity to suffer humanity can be epaceful toward itself. all religion has peaceful intentions yet there ideas faction up people because there religions all say theres is the only true religion and that is why there why the have confrentation. in my religion humanity betterment comes before religions views to keep ourselfs cooperating with one anther instead of fighting over some idea that we can never proof to realy even exsist.

     people in all across the planet believe in something like a religion or belief of things without sienctific proof. they all explain the unknown like a god  that needs belief in him and if you dont listen to "gods" rules  you wont go to heaven a "good place"  that makes it easier for people to die for his cause and to influence the people into liking this religion. like the mormons they have a religion a little diffrent then the christains only because some guy  said he found tablets of the bible in new york. one of the big things the bible said you are going to have a few virgin wifes. and that men can have these huge familys. people accepted this religion out of the benifits that they earn from there after life. people only like religion because of your after lifes benifits. you wouldnt join a faith that said you will die and be a wisp going throughout the world as a thought entity. that wouldnt be as fun as being a person in a golden world that can visit with there entire familiy forever. thats why christianity is likable. anyways my theory on religion is this your thoughts on what an afterlife are become your afterlife as you die. unless your brain gets totally fucked up. your belief like a golden city or whatever (mine is a one nation species that rules the species with a humane and unprejudice on religious beliefs while not letting religion interfer with humanity. so put your species before your religious belief and dont let religious diffrences push disunification and destrution on our species any longer or at least in my afterlife. mayb in this life.) -Joseph bute

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