A Health Insurance Voucher for everyone.

The basic problem with our healthcare system is financing.  The government should not do everything nor should it be involved in the micromanaging of healthcare. 

What I am proposing is a straight forward voucher system.  The individual would be given a voucher, which would be based upon 2/3 the costs of a basic healthcare  package.  This would leave 1/3 of the costs to the individual and or business, as well as any additions giving the individual and or business choices to make.  The vouchers would be given to everyone no matter how rich or poor, so as to create a sense of fairness.  Additionally, I propose that the system be paid for through sales taxes.  This may require the federal government provide some kind of initial incentive to states, which give this system a try, as it may be quite complicated and unpopular for the federal government to begin a sales tax.  The incentive would run it's couse after a couple of years.  Utilizing a sales tax would only make sense for such a voucher program, since income taxes tend to be paid in lump sums for some people, which would wipe out the vouchers benefit. 

Drill, Baby, Drill: What will we look for when we mine on Mars?

It's unlikely that there's anything on the planet that is worth the cost of shipping it back

  • In the second season of National Geographic Channel's MARS (premiering tonight, 11/12/18,) privatized miners on the red planet clash with a colony of international scientists
  • Privatized mining on both Mars and the Moon is likely to occur in the next century
  • The cost of returning mined materials from Space to the Earth will probably be too high to create a self-sustaining industry, but the resources may have other uses at their origin points
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How humans evolved to live in the cold

Humans evolved to live in the cold through a number of environmental and genetic factors.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons
Surprising Science
  • According to some relatively new research, many of our early human cousins preceded Homo sapien migrations north by hundreds of thousands or even millions of years.
  • Cross-breeding with other ancient hominids gave some subsets of human population the genes to contend and thrive in colder and harsher climates.
  • Behavioral and dietary changes also helped humans adapt to cold climates.
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Study: The effects of online trolling on authors, publications

A study started out trying to see the effect of sexist attacks on women authors, but it found something deeper.

Surprising Science
  • It's well known that abusive comments online happen to women more than men
  • Such comments caused a "significant effect for the abusive comment on author credibility and intention to seek news from the author and outlet in the future"
  • Some news organizations already heavily moderate or even ban comments entirely; this should underscore that effort
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