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A Deepening Cognitive Divide?

Two or three technological areas are likely to transform life in the 21st century ... while also being so counter-intuitive to so many people that they're just as likely to leave millions in a state of incomprehension.

Some top candidates:

1) Quantum physics (computing, cryptology, nanotechnology):

Leaving common-sense, big-world thinking behind and embrace chaos, ambiguity, and physical forces we never experience

2) Virtual worlds (commerce, gaming, communication):

Thinking in deep and complex metaphors, parallel identities and rule systems

3) Modeling of complex adaptive systems (market analysis, policymaking, ecology):

Thinking in non-linear terms, fuzzy logic, probability, self-organizing systems, and punctuated equilibria

How will the vast majority of people be able to keep up? Our education systems are failing as equalizers on so many levels. Our living spaces are awash in neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors. The grip of poverty grows tighter everywhere.

Where is it all going?

Here's an environmentally friendly way to get your caffeine fix

Sample Melbourne's best coffee without leaving an ecological footprint.

  • The massive increase in single-use coffee pods has led to an environmental catastrophe.
  • Plastic pods are notorious for their inability to break down in landfills.
  • Thankfully, a new wave of eco-friendly compostable pods is coming to the market.
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Neom, Saudi Arabia's $500 billion megacity, reaches its next phase

Construction of the $500 billion dollar tech city-state of the future is moving ahead.

Credit: Neom
Technology & Innovation
  • The futuristic megacity Neom is being built in Saudi Arabia.
  • The city will be fully automated, leading in health, education and quality of life.
  • It will feature an artificial moon, cloud seeding, robotic gladiators and flying taxis.
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These 7 items make working remotely more efficient and effective

Workers are adjusting to their new employment reality on couches and kitchen tables across the nation.

  • Spotify, Twitter, and Square all announced employees will work from home until at least 2021, perhaps indefinitely.
  • The pandemic just accelerated the process: 50% of American employees were expected to work remotely by 2028.
  • Workers are adjusting to their new employment reality on couches and kitchen tables across the nation.
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    Century-old vaccine may lower coronavirus deaths, finds new study

    A new study suggests that an old tuberculosis vaccine may reduce the severity of coronavirus cases.

    Closeup of a BCG vaccination.

    Credit: Kekyalyaynen.
    Surprising Science
    • A new study finds a country's tuberculosis BCG vaccination is linked to its COVID-19 mortality rate.
    • More BCG vaccinations is connected to fewer severe coronavirus cases in a country.
    • The study is preliminary and more research is needed to support the findings.
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