Iowa Blogger Wants Cain To Man Up And Tell The Truth

Craig Robinson, a conservative blogger who runs The Iowa Republican, didn’t mince words last week, calling Herman Cain a liar who is not willing to take responsibility for his actions. Despite Cain's steady poll numbers the news media keep repeating over and over, the sexual harassment allegations against Cain that surfaced last week are actually beginning to take their toll on his candidacy.     


“There have been countless news articles about the Cain sexual harassment story, yet none of them have stated the obvious—Herman Cain is a liar.  As is the case with most people who try to lie their way out of a problem, it’s difficult to keep one’s story straight.”

“Any notion that the article in Politico describing Cain’s inappropriate behavior as head of the National Restaurant Association is part of some sort of concerted left-wing liberal media conspiracy against Cain is non-sense.  Knowing what we know as fact today, the article in the Politico has been proven to be correct – by Herman Cain.” 

“In defending Herman Cain, some conservatives have compared what Cain is going through to what Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas had to endure during his confirmation process.  The Cain supporters once again claim that the liberals, or even his Republican opponents, are so scared of Herman Cain, a black conservative, that they have to attack his character.

That argument insults the intelligence of anyone who has a brain.” 

"Herman Cain needed to man up and tell the truth when asked about his past.  He didn’t.  He blamed the media.  He blamed Democrats.  He blamed the color of his skin and his political affiliation.  And now he’s blaming Rick Perry.

Mr. Cain, with all due respect, take a look in the mirror, or look at the side of your bus.  You only have yourself to blame."

The Iowa Republican “Herman Cain Has Only Himself To Blame”

Craig Robinson isn’t just any political blogger from Iowa – he is the former political director of the Republican Party of Iowa during the 2008 Iowa Caucuses. His article is a sober assessment of the glaring deficiencies in Herman Cain's performance as a candidate.

So why does Herman Cain continue to get some GOP supporters so excited they can't see straight? His straight talk, his lack of government experience, and his resume do matter, and his religious faith is the linchpin of his relationship with many of his followers. But the main thing the Herman Cain candidacy has done is satisfy a deep yearning by more than a few Republicans to harness the power of white racial guilt to work for them instead of against them. This may seem absurd to anyone who remembers how nervous the Democratic establishment got about having a black presidential candidate when Obama started to pull ahead of Hillary Clinton in the 2008 primaries, but to the kind of white conservatives who feel they have been all but forgotten in modern day multicultural America, the only plausible reason Barack Obama is the president of the United States today is because too many Americans gave the black candidate a free ride to the White House.

Nobody on the Sunday morning political shows was brave enough to say this yesterday, so I will—Herman Cain, the current Republican presidential front runner, has been suffering from the inherent racism of low expectations. Frankly, comparing the 2008 presidential campaign of then candidate Barack Obama to the campaign of Herman Cain isn’t even an apples and oranges comparison. Barack Obama and his advisors methodically built a veritable army of first time political volunteers across the country and shrewdly leveraged their numbers in areas conventional campaigns had traditionally ignored to amass enough delegates to win the Democratic nomination. By contrast, Herman Cain and Mark Block are the leaders of a political Dirty Dozen, a ragtag group of political misfits who appear to be making up a lot of their strategy on a day-to-day basis.

I think Craig Robinson should ask his fellow Republicans who insist on clinging to the myth of a Herman Cain presidential nominee to man up and tell the truth—the Herman Cain organization we see today simply does not possess the ability to out-organize or out strategize an Obama re-election campaign.

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