How To Wind Up With A Moosehead From Sarah Palin In Your Bed

It’s actually pretty simple to get a severed mooshead delivered to your bed, Godfather style. Step One—raise money only from rich donors and foreign corporations to back GOP candidates you want to win. Step Two—let Sarah Palin endorse your candidates to get Tea Party faithful to send your candidates campaign contributions and run up your numbers in the polls. Step Three—act like Sarah Palin doesn’t exist.

It looks like Karl Rove completed all three of these steps recently. Maybe Rove isn’t as smart as we think he is, because Sarah Palin has demonstrated quite clearly in her short career as a national public figure that she is willing to duke it out when it comes to defending her honor.

“With all due candour, appearing on your own reality show on the Discovery Channel, I am not certain how that fits in the American calculus of 'that helps me see you in the Oval Office’,” Mr Rove told The Daily Telegraph in an interview.

He added that the promotional clip for Sarah Palin’s Alaska could be especially detrimental to any political campaign. It features the mother of five in the great outdoors saying: “I would rather be doing this than in some stuffy old political office.”

Mr Rove, who remains a major force on the US political scene, also implied that Mrs Palin lacked the stomach for the rigours of a presidential primary campaign, which will begin early next year before the first polls in 2012.

Karl Rove questions Sarah Palin's suitability for president    Telegraph

Sarah Palin couldn't win the presidency of Neverland Ranch if she was the only candidate. I know it. You know it. Karl Rove and the rest of the GOP braintrust know it— in fact, have known this all along. But with the advent of the political environment the Republicans have had to face the last two years, they needed every vote they could get. Now that Rove & Company have what they want, they are ready to pull the plug on the idea of Palin as president.

The thing I can't figure out is why our news media has played along with the Republican strategies for so long. In particular, I am talking about the political pundits who get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to keep putting the words "Sarah Palin" and "2012 run for president" in the same sentence over and over.

Something tells me, though, that this public spat with Sarah Palin is not going to end as neatly and as quietly as Mr. Rove imagines it should.

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