George Soros Killed JR And Other Nonsense From The Republic Of Glenbeckistan

George Soros killed JR.

I couldn’t figure yesterday out why all of these statements like this one about George Soros were appearing on my Twitter timeline. So I added a column to the TweetDeck apparatus, the only reason I can make any sense of the twitosphere, and typed in “soros.”  It was as if I had hit the motherlode of 140 character tidbits and opinions about George Soros, the international financier and founder of the first hedge fund in the U.S.

But why?

I didn’t have to scroll down too far before I figured out that all of the comments marked with #beckfacts hashtags were mocking the ruler of Glenbeckistan, Glen Beck himself, for devoting an entire show on Tuesday to exposing George Soros, who is known as a generous patron of politically liberal causes.  

George Soros is actually a Kenyan Muslim. WHERE'S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE?!!??!1

It just so happened that I had Soros, The Unauthorized Biography on my bookshelf. As I looked for it, I was still stymied - from what I could recall of the book, Soros had been portrayed as an unusually well read graduate of the London School of Economics who had developed some fairly lofty ideas about the possibilities of the human condition. I got the impression, after reading the book, that Soros had gotten bored with the investment business in later years and began his own style of turbo-philanthropy because it brought him closer to achieving the ideals of his beloved philosophers.

His theory of reflexivity was impressive the first time I read about it, and even now, the Soros “boom/bust” theory about economic markets is one that comes to mind every time I see an economist on TV who tries to predict movements in the financial markets by using individual indicators to divine future market moves.

But most of the people who think George Soros is the devil himself come to life probably haven’t heard of any of these things.  

Take the letters S-O-R-O-S; move 'em around. Take out S-O-O. Add A-N-T-I-C-H-I-T. What do you get? BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!

What makes the stance by Glen Beck odd is that people like Beck would seek to demonize Soros in spite of the fact that the principles he espouses as an ardent supporter of capitalism and open societies in which democracy can flourish are practically in lockstep with the aims of Beck and his acolytes who champion free enterprise and individual freedom.

George Soros faked the moon landing.

According to James Grant, editor of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer, “I look on Soros as one of these figures, partly mythical, partly real. People have to project their anxieties and resentments and envy on something animate…they want to believe there is a Soros.”

George Soros is John Galt. (Really!!)

When I took a look at a recording of Tuesday’s program, I was struck by how provincial Beck sounded, as if he didn’t realize that men like Aristotle Onassis and George Soros had both gotten their start by exploiting the differences between nations, Onassis as a shipper and Soros as an arbitrageur. I mean, how hard could it be to like a guy who fought communism in Eastern Bloc countries with his own money?

Especially one who has publicly proclaimed that he is not overly fond of President Obama’s policies.

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