After famously testifying he once took a shower to reduce the risk of contracting HIV, Jacob Zuma has ascended to the presidency of South Africa. This stands as cause for concern.

As if the shower episode wasn't enough, shortly after his inauguration, Zuma replaced the governement's respected (female) health minister with a former provincial education administrator. The move rightly worried those concerned about South Africa’s AIDS epidemic which is among the worst in Africa.

Meanwhile, the Ubuntu Education Fund and its founder, Jacob Lief, are on a mission to rehabilitate the lives of South African orphans and rape victims. Ubuntu has reached over 40,000 children since 1999, and now with the support of the Clinton Global Initiative Ubuntu focuses increasingly on supporting children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.

Africa doesn’t always see eye-to-eye with Western strategies of AIDS prevention such as condom use. African clergy have even supported Pope Benedict’s comments that condoms are not Africa’s answer

The Ubuntu Fund offers the kind of early education that Zuma—sheepherder cum President—unfortunately lacked and should be emphasized in his country’s struggle against HIV/AIDS.

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Ask President Zuma AIDS-related questions at his Facebook page.