How to Make an iSmoothie

Iphone meets blender. Blender wins. Story of all our lives, isn't it? I mean, given that we're all heading for an inevitable blending of our constituent atoms with the universe's flotsam and jetsam.

I guess that's why this video seems sad to me, as well as funny. It's a reminder of a truth, call it "ashes to ashes" or call it entropy, on which religion and science agree: Everything in universe, including us and our creations, is bound to fall apart. Atoms have been carpentered together into amazing constructions (bodies, cathedrals, computers) but the carpenters' pins and glues can't last. We and all our beautiful stuff were made out of "the lumber of the world," and eventually all of it is going back to that scrap heap. Why give entropy a hand? It will win soon enough. Why ruin a tool that other people could have used? Nobody needs more toxic dust, but the majority of human beings have never made a phone call.

On the other hand, it is kind of funny, and weirdly fascinating. Probably effective at selling this company's brand, too. Anyway, here it is: The iPhone smoothie. Silly video or symptom of late-imperial decadence? I can't decide.

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