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Welcome to the Hybrid Age

Learn how human-technology co-evolution, Technik and technology quotient are among the key skills necessary for success in the Hybrid Age. 

What’s your Technology Quotient (TQ)?

Whether the future is a dystopian global class struggle over technology or a Pax Technologica of transparency, access and equity will depend on spreading technology quotient (TQ) above all else. 

A Summer Reading List for Innovators

If ideas are the currency of the future, then books are still the best way to trade these ideas with others. To celebrate the 600th blog post of Endless Innovation, I’ve put together […]

BRICs on the Brink?

On an earlier panel, Parag Khanna, Dambisa Moyo, Daniel Altman and Anand Giridharadas discussed which countries have the potential to emerge on the global stage. Here they discuss which markets […]
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Ads Get Smart

Sometimes when you see a particularly compelling advertisement in a store window, you might stop and look at it. Now that advertisement is looking back at you too. Immersive Labs, […]

The Man Behind Transcendent Man

Jason Silva, media personality, Singularity enthusiast and Fellow at the Hybrid Reality Institute, recently interview Barry Ptolemy who directed the documentary Transcendent Man. Check out this fun and informal interview […]

Redefining the E-Book Experience

Every now and then, you’ll meet someone who loves physical books. Maybe you’re that person. But increasingly the p-book (physical book) lover is a minority. Ever since Amazon released the Kindle, […]

How Smart Can a City Be?

Last week in NYC, we attended the Economist's summit on “Intelligent Infrastructure,” which covered investment issues, new technologies, scenarios for urban growth, and sociological questions about the future role of the city.

A Hotel with No Staff

What if you stayed at a hotel and never saw a soul apart from the other people staying at the establishment. You could stroll in and self check-in at kiosks at the front […]