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Things have been going pretty good for AQAP of late.  The group appears to be gaining recruits both from inside Yemen and abroad and it is taking and holding more […]
Last night Frontline aired the film al-Qaeda in Yemen, which was reported by Ghaith Abdul-Ahad who writes for the Guardian and who, along with Declan Walsh when he was at […]
I have been a bit hard on some of the NY Times’ reporting coming out of Yemen lately, but I like to think that it is a loving criticism. Still, […]
Here is a brief bio on Qasim al-Raymi that I wrote back in 2007. Qasim Yahya Mahdi al-Raymi (b. 1977): Al-Raymi is from Sanaa, and was also known by the […]
There are now three conflicting narratives about what exactly happened in Marib last week in the fighting between al-Qaeda and the Yemeni government. There is a media narrative, a government […]
Both al-Tagheer and News Yemen are reporting that Yemeni security forces have arrested a young al-Qaeda suspect in Marib.Al-Tagheer gives us his initials, age (25) and place of residence (al-Qatn, […]
Dina Temple-Raston, a reporter a NPR who I greatly respect, has this new piece up entitled: “For al–Qaeda in Yemen, Targeting the US is Personal.”On the surface a story and […]