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On the road from Korea’s world-class Incheon airport, across the spectacular eight-mile long humpback bridge to the landmark new Songdo International Business District development, we encountered a heavy fog that reminded […]
Despite the TV industry's efforts to push 3-D televisions, the technology may be best suited to cinemas where people can devote their full attention to the screen, writes the Economist.
As television manufactures prepare to roll out their 3D-ready sets, engineers are slowly but surely taking on the next hurdle: 3D TV without the cumbersome glasses.
Do you frequent porn sites? If you do, you’ll be pleased to know that you are a customer of one of the most tech-savvy industries in the world. It’s a […]
In the Matrix trilogy, God is portrayed as a software Architect. The fact that the first movie was released in 1999 is appropriate since software code had begun to exert […]
"The Wizard of Oz," which starred Judy Garland, has a place in cinematic history. But with three rival studios preparing new versions of the classic musical, which Wizard is which?
Electronics manufacturers are banking on the successes of recent 3D theater hits such as Avatar to offer the same “surround vision” experience in your own home with 3D TVs.
The financial crisis threw a lot of us into a funk: either we lost our jobs or questioned what we were doing with our lives in the first place. Some literally packed their bags and went on 6 month trips around the world. If you can’t do the global adventure trip, but would love to ‘reset’ your thinking and career, start by living the kindergarten life!
Futuristic 3D videogame-esque film “Avatar” is a “triumph of technology storytelling” for a writer/director who had to propel the special effects he wanted into existence.
I would like to cooperate all around the world for my social and interactive public art events..If I fell where is an positive artistic and humanistic energie I like to be there...For to create new 3D art works,ideas,diologs with Artists and Public peoples...I hope I can move my artistic visions with me where I will go...
Bob Duggan: I’m not sure what I think about the idea of scientifically determining the creative process as a brain process. If they succeed, would they arrive at a formula for creativity? 
A group of Scottish scientists are beginning one of the biggest computer backup projects in history: they’re creating an “accurate to within 3mm” 3D model of Mount Rushmore, so it […]
Reinhard Schmidt Termination West Berlin, NJ (November 1, 2007)–EP MedSystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: EPMD), today reported its financial results for the third quarter ending September 30, 2007. The Company achieved record […]
When someone talks about the effects of climate change, they usually begin with annual rainfall amounts, crop yield, shifting temperature zones (obviously) and other direct effects on humanity’s well-being. But […]