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Martian Selfie

Happy Anniversary, Curiosity Rover! The little machine that’s like a real-life Pixar hero has been exploring NASA for one Martian year. August 5th, 2012 was the exact date when it […]

5 Bruce Lee Mind Memes

Need help getting through the final month of winter? Toughen up by reflecting on the wisdom of Bruce Lee, a self-made action star who commanded Hollywood to come to him. […]

Giving Thanks for American Entrepreneurialism

While America has always led the world in supporting new entrepreneurs and launching innovative new companies, the democratization of the Internet over the past decade means that we are all […]

For Savita

Savita Halappanavar is dead, and she shouldn’t be. That has to be the beginning and end of anything anyone writes about this. Savita was 31 years old, married, four months […]

The Future of Architecture = No New Buildings

You heard it here first. NO NEW BUILDINGS. The future of architecture hangs in the balance–a balance of energy and environmental constraints that will profoundly alter the way humans interact with their environment. For […]

More Elucidation of Mansplanation

My previous post on the term “mansplaining” was turning into a zombie thread, so I had to drive a stake through its heart. But there’s more that needs to be […]

Is There Progress in Religion?

I wanted to pull this exchange out of the comments, because I thought it was worth highlighting: “Science is constantly evolving and improving on itself”. I AGREE. The same as […]

Inside Libya and other tales

More form Mark Seddon’s new book; ‘Standing for Something – Life in the Awkward Squad’, published this week, is available by buying the book March 2011: Perched in the offices of […]