8 random things

I've been tagged by several people to participate in the 8 Random\nThings meme. I usually don't post about personal stuff on this blog, but\ngiven that my last\npost opened me up a bit, here goes...

  1. Superman : Kryptonite. Me : birthday cake or Dove dark chocolate.
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  3. I spent four summers working at Camp Nock-A-Mixon, a summer camp for\nwealthy Jewish kids from New York, New Jersey, and Philly, the last three\nsupervising five bunks of 6– to 9–year-olds. It was a fantastic experience where\nI learned that even the well-to-do have issues, fell in love with bagels and\nlox, and picked up a little Yiddish.
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  5. I was the first untenured professor in the University of Minnesota College\nof Education and Human Development to ever win the college's Distinguished\nTeaching Award. I'm pretty proud of that one.
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  7. I'm the only member of my immediate family that swims more like a rock than\na fish.
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  9. My three favorite books of all time may be Ender's Game, The Dragonbone\nChair, and Beyond Discipline:\nFrom Compliance to Community (the latter should be required reading for\nevery educator across the globe). I'll read anything I can find by Orson Scott\nCard, Tad Williams, Alfie Kohn, Jonathan Kozol, George R.R. Martin, or Richard\nFlorida.
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  11. I think The College of William & Mary might the greatest place in the world to spend your undergraduate years.
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  13. I'm a big fan of indoors. Outside has allergies, heat, dirt, bugs, etc. If I were a character on Little House on the Prairie, I'd be the sickly kid in the back room that was the shame of my parents and died at age 7.
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  15. When I was 10 my dad thought it would be cool to buy me a tarantula. I would\nlie awake for hours every night, afraid that if I fell asleep it would get out\nand I would wake up to find it crawling up my chest toward my face.\nAaahhhhh!

Here are\nanother 5 random things if you're interested. Seems like this is a recurring meme. I'll\nlook forward to the next one (4 random things? 10 random things?).


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