8 random things

I've been tagged by several people to participate in the 8 Random\nThings meme. I usually don't post about personal stuff on this blog, but\ngiven that my last\npost opened me up a bit, here goes...

  1. Superman : Kryptonite. Me : birthday cake or Dove dark chocolate.
  2. \n\n
  3. I spent four summers working at Camp Nock-A-Mixon, a summer camp for\nwealthy Jewish kids from New York, New Jersey, and Philly, the last three\nsupervising five bunks of 6– to 9–year-olds. It was a fantastic experience where\nI learned that even the well-to-do have issues, fell in love with bagels and\nlox, and picked up a little Yiddish.
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  5. I was the first untenured professor in the University of Minnesota College\nof Education and Human Development to ever win the college's Distinguished\nTeaching Award. I'm pretty proud of that one.
  6. \n\n
  7. I'm the only member of my immediate family that swims more like a rock than\na fish.
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  9. My three favorite books of all time may be Ender's Game, The Dragonbone\nChair, and Beyond Discipline:\nFrom Compliance to Community (the latter should be required reading for\nevery educator across the globe). I'll read anything I can find by Orson Scott\nCard, Tad Williams, Alfie Kohn, Jonathan Kozol, George R.R. Martin, or Richard\nFlorida.
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  11. I think The College of William & Mary might the greatest place in the world to spend your undergraduate years.
  12. \n\n
  13. I'm a big fan of indoors. Outside has allergies, heat, dirt, bugs, etc. If I were a character on Little House on the Prairie, I'd be the sickly kid in the back room that was the shame of my parents and died at age 7.
  14. \n\n
  15. When I was 10 my dad thought it would be cool to buy me a tarantula. I would\nlie awake for hours every night, afraid that if I fell asleep it would get out\nand I would wake up to find it crawling up my chest toward my face.\nAaahhhhh!

Here are\nanother 5 random things if you're interested. Seems like this is a recurring meme. I'll\nlook forward to the next one (4 random things? 10 random things?).


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