Some people believe that it’s easier to become a better executor or, you know, delivery kind of person versus an innovator and just be able to get great new ideas.  Part of that belief comes from our history, our experience.  

Ninety-nine percent of executive and leadership and management development training around the world is execution focused.  So it’s no wonder that we can think to ourselves, “Well, it’s pretty easy to get good at delivering results because for most of us that’s all we’ve been taught and trained to do.”  And frankly, that starts in MBA programs and continues on until someone’s in their career in an organization.  

But what we’ve discovered is, and basically I can equally improve my innovation or discovery skills if I just learn what they are and how to become better at it.  Any of these things – asking more questions, making more observations, talking to more different people, experimenting and trying things – these are things that most people already do, frankly.  We know that from our data.  But they don’t do it enough.  And part of that is they don’t feel competent and they don’t feel capable and it’s basically elevating those skills through practice and through some techniques that can help them get better on the discovery side just the way they were doing on that delivery-execution side.

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