If you're a leader in a non-arts field you may believe that the arts are irrelevant to your business. The reality is that maybe you're right.  Maybe in your core business it doesn't matter. But your customers care.  You like your customers too, so what happens is that the arts are a way to communicate, connect emotionally, so there is value there.  

Secondly, as you know today in our upset economy we don't have linear paths anymore. They're jagged paths.  They're messed up paths.  Those kind of messed up paths are best traverse, naturally traversed and people are creative.  They relish chaos and for someone in the business or an organization looking for ways to look around corners these people are excellent for this time.

If we were in a linear state of growth sure, throw them all away, but now we're in a bumpy time, so all kinds of minds matter.

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