Eric Schmidt saw Disconnect and loved it.  And he asked me to bring it to his employees at Google and to show it.  So I just played it for the Google crowd and I noticed  lot of people wearing Google Glass.  And it got me thinking that would be the most exciting thing for a documentarian.

Because the hardest thing to capture in a documentary are those embarrassing intimate emotional moments between people.  Those are dangerous moments.  Those are usually moments that you want to put the camera down when someone’s crying or someone’s hurt.  You don’t film anymore.  It just feels inappropriate, even though, in movies, those end up being some of the most incredible things to watch.  

I feel like once filmmakers start making movies with Google Glass, there’s no end.  It’s going to revolutionize documentary filmmaking – no question.

Here is the official movie trailer for Disconnect, directed by Henry Alex Rubin and starring Alexander Skarsgard, Jason Bateman, Max Thieriot, Andrea Riseborough, and Paula Patton. The film is a drama centered on a group of people searching for human connections in today's wired world.

Watch here:

Image courtesy of Shutterstock.