3 beliefs about life

Here are 3 beliefs about life that I hold inside and do not share:

I believe that our species is capable of incredible achievements and advancements, yet I strongly believe that human evolution is impeded by the EGO (and all that feeds into it). We as people do not act out of the natural harmony of love... we REact out of the control of the ego (manifested as greed, fear, racism, intolerance, hatered, selfishness, ignorance, etc etc).

More than 3 decades ago I told my father I believed that when I grow up millions of regular people will be driving trucks and that millions more will die over the oil to run those trucks and from the pollution those trucks generate (even as a child I would think too much about things out of my control). For the past few years I secretly believe that within 5 generations (or so) everyone will be part asian! I strongly believe that modern day personal technology is having a huge impact in our lives and relationships... we are SO connected that we've lost the connection. Information and stimulation is so readily at our fingertips, we're losing the human touch/interaction, we're losing ourselves. I enjoy it myself (don't get me wrong) however I employ moderation and still utilize old school forms of stimulation (pen & papper, live experiences, etc). The children of today (& 2morrow) will have very different relationships & social experiences which I believe will dramatically impact their individual personality and health (in a potentially negative way).

I believe that love & laughter should be a religion that everyone in the world practices! I believe there is too much ego in religion as we know it, and I think we can rise above it. NO ONE is better or chosen more, or higher than ANOTHER person. We are all affected by the same gravity, we all live on the same rock. We ALL need to get over ourselves & grow up the evolutionary ladder to fulfill a greater mission within ourselves as a whole.

These are a few things I believe in, which come from within me... no outside sources or influences. Just my crazy head sharing with the world and hoping to find folk of like mind to converse with & possibly become inspired or empowered by and maybe I'll even learn something! (hahaha... I learn something new every day. Day's not complete if I didn't!)

 Love & Thanks to and for all. 

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