2moons: The game just like a battle

I often hear that the game is very interesting, so I want to try, I am a game fan, so I heard that there are good games will certainly going to look at whether it is a good play game, I can not really expected, this game really is a rather boring, so I do not like it, it is the same as other games ran rank and killed monsters to get the 2moons dil. No fun and challenging. If give up and not to understand to deeply is unfortunately, not the point, if fun?     Try holding the attitude, I entered into this game, but also brought a friend, because this game seems to know that there must be a partner to fun, as a partner, then our money and bad points, so as a partner to choose a different role. We start used own money to sell a lot of equipment, but the equipment were rubbish. It was difficult to use it, it was a terrible, so we use our rest money to buy 2moons dil, we know that our capacity is very weak; we have only continued the efforts and can only be changed. Because of weak capacity, so that monster is very powerful. Absolutely no way to kill them, and no one will help us, we only rely on our ability to play well this game, I believe we can, so we can not hurry, or from small manslaughter, slowly making money. Sure enough, our efforts have not been in vain, and our 2moons gold from small to large numbers of the few changes.     When we have our very strong capacity, we all hope that the dissolution of our team, to create own forces, so we all agree, because just because of the dissolution, very few funds, than is difficult, but did not take the risk, how rice will be the wealth? So I use my all 2moon dil to buy new equipment to send the people which follow me, they supported me.I believe we can create to create a sky, get more money; more carry forward the majority of the family. We do not need the cheap 2moons gold, because it can not buy the better equipment, only get the rubbish. Soon, our family got strong, but because it is accompanied by reason, my family and my friend family had a conflict, a partner from the enemy, this is not the outcome I have to, but the game as the battlefield, no idea.

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