2moons: The first time that I love you

I knew this day would come and I only to defer my hope spend time with you, because I mind you that I will be sad and I do not want to give up so I am hurt. I started to play 2moons one year ago, the reality in the face of the suffering of separation has been able to extricate themselves, can not escape. Then I select the game to see someone playing in the game, so I play the game too. Just to catch up when the team, so I rushed into the game, started my day of the game. In the game I knew the 2moons dil so I always try my best to earn them more and more to make myself strong. I have never played the game before, at the beginning I did not know what is so I went to kill the monsters with the 2moons gold that I earned with myself in the game. And I always went to upgrade gradually the understanding of the game, a lot of friends, that day will be a happy day, and we often always fight, this is not as I do, but I will also duty bound to a friend to help brush the 2moon dil together with my friends. I spend a good relationship is then fly to tears. But now she has to leave the game early on to do their business, I can still remember her; I go to kill the monsters to get some experience to add my levels. Even though my levels are very high, but I still want to add my levels. Because if my levels are very high, I can go to buy 2moons dil more and more and I will not depend on my friends to help me to earn them. I always want to depend on myself not others, and now though she is away, I will still help her to kill the monsters and go to upgrade, because I love her! It is the first time that I love her and I have never said it to any others. After that my levels become very high and I can kill the monsters easily, but I do not think the game is interesting, because she has gone and she will not come back again. In the game I get some cheap 2moons gold as the gifts to encourage me. It is the first time that I love you but it could not success. Now I only want to leave the game to look for you and you can make friends with me, I will very happy!

California wildfires death toll climbs to 50

Firefighters in California are still struggling to contain several wildfires nearly one week after they broke out.

(Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images)
Politics & Current Affairs
  • Hundreds of people are still missing after three wildfires spread across Northern and Southern California last week.
  • 48 of the 50 deaths occurred after the Camp Fire blazed through the town of Paradise, north of Sacramento.
  • On Tuesday night, a fourth wildfire broke out, though it's mostly contained.
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Too much sleep results in cognitive decline, researchers find

We know the dangers of too little sleep. Now for the other side of the story.

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  • Western University researchers found that sleeping over eight hours per night results in cognitive decline.
  • Oversleepers suffer similar difficulties on certain cognitive tests as those who sleep under seven hours.
  • Not all the news is bad: One night of oversleeping results in a cognitive boost.
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Russian reporters discover 'tortured' orcas and belugas jammed in offshore pens

Protected animals are feared to be headed for the black market.

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  • Russian news network discovers 101 black-market whales.
  • Orcas and belugas are seen crammed into tiny pens.
  • Marine parks continue to create a high-price demand for illegal captures.
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