Evolution got us here, but we can change where we're going

History is not necessarily destiny, especially when it comes to how we treat one another.

Late last week, CNN interviewed a Puerto Rican woman who was harassed for, well, being Puerto Rican, at least according to the shirt she was wearing. Mia Irizarry’s video has now been viewed over 1.5 million times, prompting many news outlets to cover her ordeal. Celebrating her 24th birthday, Irizarry had secured a permit to throw a party at a Chicago park. An older white man didn’t like that.

Specifically, he didn’t like the fact that she was wearing any flag other than the American brand. It’s the type of viral video that you wonder if should watch, and then, choosing to do so, shake your head at his complete lack of humanity. He asks her if she's a citizen (she is); he harasses her for not being white enough; the cop, clearly visible in the frame, does nothing. Sure, we can say it’s Trump’s America, but the conditions for such ignorance existed long before his presidency; this vitriol and fear of “the other” is in large part what made his ascension possible.

You start thinking, “it’s just who we are.” Humans will always be tribal, meaning humans will always be racist. Then you come across better examples of our humanity, such as the Japanese soccer team leaving a thank you note after losing to Belgium. The team also scrubbed their locker room spotless. Talk about taking the high road.

Amazing from Japan.
This is how they left the changing room after losing v Belgium: cleaned it all.
And in the middle, have left a message to Russia: “Spasibo” (Thank you) pic.twitter.com/lrwoIZt2pR

— Tancredi Palmeri (@tancredipalmeri) July 3, 2018
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