Occupy Central: Hong Kong Protesters Unite For Universal Suffrage

A massive occupy movement has shut down commerce in Hong Kong's Central business district as pro-democracy advocates protest for universal suffrage.

A massive occupy movement has shut down commerce in Hong Kong's Central business district as pro-democracy advocates protest mainland China's decision to revoke universal suffrage in future elections.

The above photo was snapped by Flickr user bluuepanda, who provided the following caption:

"Unbrella [sic] Revolution -Hong Kong

Tens of thousands of pro-democracy protesters block Hong Kong's streets, shutting down its business hub and ignoring appeals to leave. They want a free choice of candidates when they cast their ballots for the chief executive - something Beijing says is out of the question."

According to Linette Lopez of Business Insider, the protests had been planned for months. Lopez does a good job the summing up the policies and ideals at stake. Her article is well worth the read.

Despite Occupy Central being a nonviolent movement, protesters have clashed with police on numerous occasions as authorities bent on dispersing the crowd are pursuing a categorial crackdown. Below are some more photos from the scene, credit to Flickr user Chet Wong:

Learn more about the protests and the impending police crackdown:

NY Times, 9/30/14: "Hong Kong Protesters Defy Officials’ Call to Disperse"

CNN, 9/29/14: "Hong Kong protesters dig in and brace for possible crackdown"

Vox, 9/28/14: "Hong Kong's protesters are using the same "hands up, don't shoot" gesture used in Ferguson"

Top photo credit: Flickr user bluuepanda / Creative Commons

All other photos: Flickr user chet wong / Creative Commons

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