In a number of conversations I had yesterday with both governmental and non-governmental sources it does seem clear that the two year delay for parliamentary elections, which we talked about yesterday, is going to happen.

Here is an al-Jazeera story on the deal - about which little is known at the moment - complete with a picture of President Salih on his visit to Moscow.

Al-Hayat and al-Sharq al-Awsat are both a day behind the story and are covering the news about the four individuals convicted of links to al-Qaeda.

One of the interesting developments to watch is how both sides portray the agreement to delay elections. In my view, this is a victory for the JMP - and its various oppositions, I think it is a mistake to label them as a single opposition. How the government and the GPC save face or attempt to do so will likely foreshadow the next few months of political maneuvering in Yemen.