The National warns that it is midnight in Yemen with this editorial.

Laura Kasinof has this piece in the Christian Science Monitor, in which I weigh-in with my thoughts on the accuracy of the recent claims that al-Qaeda in Pakistan is relocating to Yemen.

I promised a bit more information this morning on the surrender of Nayif al-Harbi, but I was busy most of the day with another project and ran out of time to track down more details. But I did a quick check of the list of 85 suspects that Saudi recently put out and his name is not on it. So neither 'Alwan nor al-Harbi (who is from the same tribe, al-Harb, which is quite large, as al-'Awfi) were on the list. This could suggest any number of things, from questionable Saudi intelligence to growing numbers of Saudis headed south - I tend to favor the latter explanation over the former.