Keith Gessen
Author; Editor-In-Chief, n+1

Why does Gawker hate you?

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Keith Gessen responds.

Keith Gessen

Keith Gessen is editor-in-chief of n+1, a twice-yearly magazine of literature, politics, and culture based in New York City.

Gessen graduated from Harvard College and earned his MFA in Creative Writing from Syracuse University in 2004. Gessen, who was born in Russia, has written about Russia for The Atlantic and the New York Review of Books.  Gessen has also written about books for magazines including Dissent, Slate, and New York, where he was the regular book critic.

His first novel, All the Sad Young Literary Men, was published in April 2008.


Question: Why does Gawker hate you?

Keith Gessen: I think it’s- well, in a way, it’s the narcissism of little differences. You know, in a way, these are people who- some of ‘em- come out of the same value system, and have decided that that value system is no longer valid. So, these are people who, I think, read a lot of books when they were young, and believed in books, and believed in the things that books can do, and have now said, that culture is finished. That culture’s over, we now live in a new culture, it’s Gawker culture, and you know, these people are ridiculous- these people who think that that culture is still alive. And I don’t think it’s ridiculous- I think they’re wrong. And I think that bugs them, because, you know, I think deep down inside, you know, they know that we’re right, because we are right, and we will bury them.

Recorded: 3/18/08