Whom would you like to interview, and what would you ask?

Anthony Fauci is the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. He is an immunologist who has made substantial contributions to research on AIDS and other immunodeficiencies. He has pioneered the field of human immunoregulation and developed effective therapies for formally fatal inflammatory and immune-mediated diseases. In the field of AIDS research, he has helped contribute to an understanding of how the AIDS virus destroys the body's defenses leading to its susceptibility to deadly infections.

He has also served as an editor of Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine and has authored, coauthored or edited more than 1,100 scientific publications, including several textbooks. Dr. Fauci is a key advisor to the White House and Department of Health and Human Services on global AIDS issues and public health protections against emerging infectious disease threats, such as pandemic influenza. He was educated at Cornell University Medical College and holds 32 honorary doctorate degrees. 

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Question: Whom would you like to interview, and what would you ask? 

Anthony Fauci: Who would I like to interview? Well I actually would like to interview some of the leaders in developing countries like in South Africa, for example, as one – but that’s just one of a few – and try to get them to articulate to me why they are not doing certain things in their country that everyone else seems to appreciate from the outside that they should be doing.

Why are they not paying much more attention to some of the suffering of the people in their own country? Now, they may have a very good reason for it, but I’d like to pose the tough questions to them as to why they’re not doing that.


Recorded On: July 6, 2007