Who are the great chefs?

David Chang is a Korean-American chef who is known for his unique combination of Asian food and French technique. After graduating Trinity College, Chang worked briefly in the financial services before embarking upon his career as a chef. Chang attended the French Culinary Institute and opened his first restaurant, Momofuku Noodle Bar, in Manhattan's East Village in 2003. Momofuku proved a resounding success; food critics as well as customers loved the restaurant's signature dishes, such as the Asian burrito and the kimchi and pork consomme.

In 2006, Chang opened his a second restaurant, Momofuku Ssam Bar. Chang was honored as both GQ and Bon Appetit's 2007 Chef of the Year. Chang is unapologetic about his food. "We do not serve vegetarian-friendly items," Chang has said. "Vegetarians are a pain in the ass as customers."

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Question:  Who are the great chefs?


David Chang: In America?  I think the two greatest chefs that we produced are Andrew Carmellini and Alex Lee, both formerly for Danielle. 

American chefs, that’s tough.  Then you’d probably have to say the top of the list is David __________, but there’s a whole slew of younger guys working right now. 

And Thomas Keller of course.  I always consider him French, but he’s not. 

It would probably be David _________ and Thomas Keller running neck in neck.  And for me, Carmellini and Alex Lee who ran Restaurant Danielle for a long time; and who was, in a lot of ways, a big hero of mine.  I never got to work for him, but he’s so legendary in cooking circles.  That’s America.

French it obviously goes on and on and on.  The _________ brothers, Michelle __________, Pierre Garnier. 

Spain--you could go on and on as well.  I mean those guys you’re trying to follow just to see what they’re doing. And you got Wiley, and you got Tom ___________. 

America has produced a lot of chefs for sure.  But people forget sometimes that like Danielle and, you know, __________ and so on, they are not American.  They are French.  They might be American citizens now, but they’re French.