Which poets influenced your poetry?

Russian literature and poetry influenced Gugolev's work.
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Question: Which poets influenced your poetry?


Yuli Gugolev: I think that first of all, it was Russian literature, Russian poetry. Probably, the biggest influence, it was work versus by ___________. And then, somehow, I jumped back to the work by Pushkin, Lemonosiv [?], Duchev [?], Nekrasov. But it took time in my _______ and I’m absolutely sure that each poet reading of the verses of each poet needs takes its own time. You shouldn’t read it as it is offered in the school program. Because during your school studying, you may be-- you’re unprepared for the, you know, feeling just for the meeting with that very point. And maybe someone is prepared, and someone else needs, maybe, ten more years.


Recorded on: March 4, 2008