Jim Lehrer
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What is your outlook?

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Jim Lehrer is optimistic that the next president will get a handle on today's problems.

Jim Lehrer

Born in Wichita, Kansas, in 1934, Jim Lehrer attended Victoria College. In 1956, he received a Bachelor's journalism degree from the University of Missouri before joining the Marine Corps, where he served three years as an infantry officer. For the following decade, Lehrer worked as a reporter in Dallas, before moving on to a local experimental news program on public television.

He came to Washington with PBS in 1972 and teamed up with Robert MacNeil in 1973 to cover the Senate Watergate hearings. In 1975, they started what became "The MacNeil/Lehrer Report" and then the "MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour" in 1983, the first 60-minute evening news program on television.

The program became The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer in 1995 when MacNeil retired. Lehrer has received numerous awards for his work, including a presidential National Humanities Medal in 1999. He also has moderated ten of the nationally televised candidate debates in the last five presidential elections.

Lehrer is the author of 17 novels, including Eureka (2007), The Phony Marine (2006), The Franklin Affair (2005), and Flying Crows (2004). He has also written two memoirs and three plays. Lehrer and his wife, Kate, have been married since 1960. They have three daughters and six grandchildren.


Question: What is your outlook?

Jim Lehrer: I’m very optimistic right now; but I’m optimistic most of the time. And I’m optimistic right now just because this election doesn’t have anything to do with George W. Bush. It doesn’t have anything to do with what’s happened before. We’ve got a set of difficult circumstances right now, and I’m hopeful that this process we’re going to go through to elect a new President is going to help get on top of some things.

Recorded: July 4, 2007.

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