What is the most common home-entertaining mistake?

Don't try to over-impress, says Steel.
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Tanya Steel: I think when people entertain at home, the biggest mistake they make is kind of overreaching.  They try to do too much.  They try to make the bread.  And then they make the creamed spinach.  And then they make the roast beef.  And then they’ve gotta make the red velvet cake for dessert.  You don’t need to do all of that.  I think green salads . . .  You buy some green salads at the green market, and throw some goat cheese and some grape tomatoes and that’s your side dish.  You put a roast in the oven and that’s your entrée.  You know and maybe you buy a beautiful pound cake and put some elaborate sorbet that you’ve bought.  I mean you need to keep it simple.  You wanna have a good time.  You don’t want to be frazzled.  This is about having a good time, you know and people are just so happy to be invited into your home.  And it should not be a hassle for you.  It should be something that you really look forward to doing.  And you show off maybe one dish.  You make one thing that’s fancy.

Recorded on 1/17/08