What is the measure of a good life?

Lidia Bastianich has been described as the reigning queen of Italian cuisine in America. She is the host of cooking shows on PBS, including Lidia's Italy, a new 26-episode series which features American and Italian chefs preparing regional Italian dishes.

Bastianichs family fled Communist Istria in 1956 and became political refugees in Italy, before moving to the United States. Bastianich trained in kitchens in New York City and opened her first restaurant with her husband at the age of 24. Since then, she has opened several restaurants, including Felidia and Becco. She has also authored several cookbooks including Lidia's Family Table and Lidia's Italian-American Kitchen. 

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Lidia Bastianich: The measure of a good life is really to be contented with yourself; to . . . to . . . to be happy in what you are doing; to be happy in the relationships that you’re in; and . . . and darn it if you’re not, then have the energy, the decision to change and make it happen.

Recorded on: 10/4/07