The Myth of Abundant Water

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Maude Barlow: The singular issue is something we never thought could happen, and that is we are actually running out of fresh water for the demand that is increasing in our world. We are also destroying water retentive landscapes everywhere by our pollution displacement abuse of water, moving it from where it is needed in nature to where we want it and then we destroy it or we dump it in the ocean or whatever or we use it to water deserts or we export it out of our watersheds. And one way and another, we are creating new deserts where we needed water retentive hydrologic cycles.

So, huge parts of the world are actually beginning to run out of water. This is the most important thing I can say. It is not cyclical drought, which we keep hearing about and oh, if the rain comes back, everything will be fine or it is just global warming affecting water. No, it is not just global warming affecting water. It is water affecting global warming. It is our treatment of water actually destroying whole areas that have been fertile and able to grow food and so on.