Jonathon Keats
Experimental Philosopher and Conceptual Artist

The Man Who Copyrighted His Own Mind – Jonathon Keats (taped) Live on Big Think

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Jonathon Keats is an open-source experimental philosopher who has created pornography for God and sold real estate in alternate dimensions of space-time. He joined us to discuss his work and his conviction that the world needs more curious amateurs willing to ignore the boundaries of specialization and explore what intrigues them.

Jonathon Keats

Jonathon Keats is a San Francisco-based experimental philosopher who has, over the years, sold real estate in the extra dimensions of space-time proposed by string theory (he sold a hundred and seventy-two extra-dimensional lots in the Bay Area in a single day); made an attempt to genetically engineer God (God turns out to be related to the cyanobacterium); and copyrighted his own mind (in order to get a seventy-year post-life extension.

Keats's bold experiments raise serious questions and put into practice his conviction that the world needs more "curious amateurs," willing to explore publicly whatever intrigues them, in defiance of a culture that increasingly forecloses on wonder and siloes knowledge into narrowly defined areas of expertise.