The Future of Travel

Peter Frank is the Editor-in-Chief of CondeNet travel site Prior to taking the helm of the Internet counterpart of the elite Conde Nast Traveler, he served as Deputy Editor of Men's Journal. He also worked as an editor at Travel and Leisure. Born in Miami, Frank studied English as an undergraduate at the University of Pennsylvania. When asked to describe his favorite travel destination in the entire world, he only needed one word: Paris.
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Question: Is space tourism a possibility over the next 25 to 50 years?

Frank: We have now I mean there is actually if you are like a zillionaire you can take a trip to outer space and then to be international space station and there also all these sort of several little flights you can take, it’s to the tune of $35 million an hour, so it is not a mass industry at this point, it is kind of a niche. Yeah, I think we will almost sure of 25 years out of may be a little bit longer and Richard Branson is doing some of the amazing things it is going to be a big better on it. I think the appeal is there I think it is going to become it is going to be a pretty rarified group of people who get them do it, but it is such a nifty idea to be floating above the earth, and seeing the curvature of the earth and seeing stars above you, kind of I mostly do that.

Question: What formerly dangerous locales will soon be popular for traveling?

Frank: I think more of the middle east absolutely and places like Oman and Yemen, Oman has been pretty stable for a long time but Yemen has been a little less stable I think that is going to come up I think Iran is an emerging destination and our political relationship with Iran is terrible right now but there are lot of Europeans going there, a lot of other Asians going there and it is magnificent country with a lot to offer. Same with Pakistan I won’t to go to Pakistan right now, that seems too edgy and volatile but I think as hopefully as things stabilize and situations in proof there and there are some fantastic things to see that I think Americans would be interested in seeing.