The Food of Love

Dana Cowin, Editor in Chief of Food and Wine magazine and a passionate, longtime observer of food-related behavior, argues that food preferences are a powerful index to a couple's compatibility.
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Dana Cowin: I think that there actually should be a dating service for foodies, where you identify the type of food you like and then you can find your match.  And I believe that that would be a better predictor for a happy life and marriage than almost anything else.  So, for example, if you want to eat, you know, innards from Uzbekistan, and so does somebody else, that says so much about you.  It means you’re adventurous, it means you want to travel. . . .

Now, I do also think that it’s very hard for someone who really loves food to be married to somebody who really doesn’t care.  I mean, there is nothing worse than sitting at the table and saying, “Oh my God, that was the most amazing pasta sauce I have ever had!  Wasn’t that great?”  And they’re like, “Yeah, whatever.”  It’s just a conversation stopper.  If you, you know, kind of embrace this love of food, it’s also just embracing a love of life.  And that’s why it’s great for relationships.

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Jonathan Fowler & Elizabeth Rodd