The Best of The United States

Fredrik Carlström is the Chief Executive Officer and Executive Creative Director of Great Works America, a full-service digital marketing and communications agency that represents a diverse range of clients including Absolut Spirits Company, H&M and Nokia. In his dual roles, Carlström, a veteran marketing executive and acclaimed film producer, utilizes his deep and broad experience in both marketing and entertainment to spearhead Great Works America"s mission to create innovative and cutting-edge campaigns that engage consumers and encourage them to interact with leading brands.

Carlström joined Great Works America in February 2007 when the company opened in New York and signed an exclusive partnership with Carlström"s Third Factory, a film production company — the first deal of its kind between an advertising agency and a film production company. This partnership marked the transformation of Great Works America into a marketing agency that bridges the worlds of advertising, art, media and entertainment.

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Topic: The Best Aspects of The United States

Fredrik Carlstrom: I think I fell in love with pop culture, which is kind of what you guys are good at. And you know, I’m sort of an ad man, historically, I think that Americans are so good at marketing. And kind of the idea of America is such a beautiful one. And the framing fathers and what they came up with and the Constitution and their creation of independence. I mean, the foundation for America is great, and I think there’s a lot of things that’ve been screwed up on the way, but the “idea” of America is great, and I think it’s been marketed really well. So I kinda felt I was a sucker for the marketing.


Recorded on: 6/12/08