Re: What is your counsel?

D.C. is very vulnerable to group think, says Boyd.
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Wes Boyd: Well you know for me, looking at what we’re not doing, I have to come back to valuing _______. There is a . . . there’s a real sense among political and media ______ – a real suspicion amongst political and media ______ – that populism is a scary thing. That getting people involved and engaged is a scary thing, because what are those people . . . It really is a dangerous _______ that somehow living in D.C. gives you a perspective on the world that most of America doesn’t have. It is . . . It’s . . . D.C. is very vulnerable to group think. We saw this with the Iraq war for example. I think political and media _____ need to reach out. And when they do they’ll find tremendous power. Power as in power in a sense to make a difference, not the power to have a bigger place to live or a bigger salary. And that will feel good.

I think that the primary thing is for people to be thinking about their . . . of their . . . about the future. You know we tend to get so much drawn into the rat race in terms of comparing ourselves with the Jones’ and having more stuff. If everybody just took 5% or 10% of their _________ resources, and put it against looking after the future, the problems would . . . the problems would go away instantly. This is an incredibly wealthy, rich society. And we just need to put a little bit of that against the problems we face.

Recorded on: 7/5/07