Re: How is technology changing the campaign for human rights?

Technology creates potential for more creative ways of connecting outside the mainstream media, says Caldwell.

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Question: I have a lot of faith in the power and potential of communications. And I think the explosive growth in technology and what it now allows us is an opportunity to connect and communicate outside of the conventional systems; specifically outside of mainstream media. Big Think is one example of creative ways to approach the challenges that confront us, and creative ways to connect and commune people at a global level around those challenges. So I do see technology and communications as absolutely critical; but you know what also must . . . can and must come about is an awakening of our consciousness. And I think here again I’m a real believer, as I said earlier, in the necessity of evolution; in the necessity of personal, societal and institutional evolution. And I don’t believe that evolution can come about unless we have consciousness. I’m a spiritual person, but I’m not a religious person per se. And for me that spirituality, that consciousness is really about awareness – self awareness and knowledge, and how you use that to move throughout the world. And I think we all must rise to that invitation to become more deeply aware so that in turn we can be . . . we can all be better and much more productive citizens together.

Recorded on: 8/13/07