Re: Can fashion go green?

Andrew Spade is a fashion designer who co-founded Kate Spade and Jack Spade. Born in Birmingham, Michigan, he attended Arizona State University, where he met fellow future-fashion designer Katherine Brosnahan. Together, they launched the handbag design company Kate Spade in 1993. The couple married the next year. They created the design company Jack Spade in 1996 to fill the perceived market void for stylish and practical men's accessories, and the company officially launched in 1999. In February of 2009, Andy openend a new store on Great Jones Street, in Manhattan, called Partners & Spade. He resides in New York City.

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Question: Can fashion go green?

Andrew Spade: I think fashion can go green. I think it should go green. I think it will take some time for everyone to change how they produce their goods, and research and resource kind of fabrics in countries where these things are done in an appropriate way for the environment, and for the people who are making these products. But I . . . it is going green, and the companies that have either launched as a green company or are doing products that are green have been successful. So obviously that’s a sign that it’s working and people are moving in that direction. It obviously is healthy for business too, which I think has been in a lot of cases over . . . throughout history, if that’s something that people desire it actually helps move in that direction.

Recorded on: 7/12/07