Mia Kirshner on How to Write a Book

Mia Kirshner  is best known for her work as a television and film actress. She has played leading roles in Love and Human Remains, Exotica and The Crow: City of Angels as well as the award-winning television series 24. In 2008, Kirshner published I Live Here with Random House/Pantheon. In the book, she documents women and children refugees in Chechnya, Ciudad Juárez and Malawi. It was co-produced with Adbusters collaborators Paul Shoebridge and Michael Simons and features comic and graphic work by Joe Sacco and Phoebe Gloeckner. Proceeds from I Live Her Here  go to Amnesty International.  Kirschner studied Russian literature and 20th-century film industry at McGill University in Montreal.

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Kirshner: This, for example, was my actual book from Ingushetia like all of these are real objects, by the way, and stuff that I collected. So, this handwriting here which was done by Michael Simmons is my writing and this is my journal. So, we knew that we wanted the whole book to be handwritten, but, unfortunately, it was difficult to read. So what we had to do is create our own font, so this is actually a font. Now, that became easy to manipulate. So, for example, this edge here is something that was scanned so later on and this is a video image that I took on my first stay in Ingushetia, this is something that Mike Simmons had painted. This is taped on and all of these things were later scanned on to the page.