How to grow from "no": Listen to rejection to become more persuasive

Sales Executive
February 15, 2018
We're not all salespeople, but we're all selling something, whether you're a teacher, parent, team leader, or you're your own boss. Looking at how the best salespeople cope with rejection—which is happening about 70-90% of the time—can be an inspiring model for how to view failure as feedback. Matt Dixon is the Global Head of Salesforce Effectiveness at Korn/Ferry International, and he advises everyone to take a step back from rejection and analyze the reason it happened: "One of the things I always tell salespeople is that it’s important to not turn a deaf ear or ignore that “no,” because it’s important to understand why," he says. Look for patterns of rejection: what could you be doing better? Why isn't your message coming across? Your response to rejection actually determines your future success. Will you nurse a bruised ego, or will you use this information to become more persuasive, and more successful?