Lynda Resnick on the Future of Media

Roll International Co-Chair Lynda Resnick on the death and rebirth of journalism.
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Question: Do you lament the demise of print newspapers?


Lynda Resnick:            Well, I think, it’s all good.  There’s a place for all media.  There really is.  I worry about magazines of course, you know.  And I worry about newspapers because journalism is so important.  I was giving a presentation last week to a book club.  And it was an older market that I usually talk to.  And there was a fellow there that was asking me about the death of journalism and he was in tears.  He’s an older guy and it’s, like, where do we get the truth anymore, you know? 

But, I think, we have to make this shift from printing presses, Gutenberg, to intellectual property.  And what Walter Isaacson said recently in Time Magazine, and you may have seen it on Jon Stewart and it’s on the blogs and so forth; it’s on YouTube, that we should be paying for minute pieces of content rather than paying to buy a whole newspaper. 3 quarters of a million pieces of paper in a Sunday New York Times, 25% of that is recycled.  That’s it. I love my New York Times. I just read the New York Times.  I live in Los Angeles, I read the New York Times everyday. 

But still, what is the future of that printing?  What is the future of books?  We have all these disruptive technology like the kindle.  It’s only a small piece today but eventually, we’ll be reading books electronically.  We will.  And so, we have to make a shift, a seismic shift so that we keep authors writing, journalists speaking.  Investigative journalism has to survive.  We don’t want to become a nation of Nu speak in this tabloid era we live in.  We have to have the truth. 


Recorded on: March 17, 2009