Lisa Randall: What is human nature?

We know ourselves best so we generalize outwards, Randall says.
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Lisa Randall: You know I think we’re inclined to sort of generalize from ourselves because we know ourselves the best. But then people go out and do mysterious things and you think, “Oh wait. That’s a bad person. I don’t know where that bad person came from.” So I think . . . You know I think we have good impulses and bad ones. I mean I think given all things being equal, we’d wanna be generous and do good things, and make things better. But I mean ultimately we’re selfish and greedy, and a lot . . . and not always bright. Some people are small and some people aren’t. And I think . . . And some people wanna know the answers, and some people just want the simplest thing. I mean some people are lazy and some people are energetic. I don’t think there is any single way that human beings are. There’s really a bunch of different ways. Recorded On: 11/02/07