Money Has Been Making People Crazy Since King Midas

Author and Music Producer
Over a year ago

Is money mostly a mechanism for the powerful to control the weak? How do major world religions treat money -- in particular, the pursuit of it -- in their sacred texts?

New York Times best-selling author, investment banker, and Grammy-award winning jazz producer Kabir Sehgal returns to Big Think to chat about lessons in his book COINED: The Rich Life of Money and How Its History Has Shaped Us.

In researching his book, Sehgal traveled to 25 countries, researching the historical roots of money; our behaviors around money (just saying the word "money" stimulates different regions of our brain); and many other surprising facts about the art of money, gifts as a currency, the psychology of money, the future of money, and the rituals/customs around the world money.

The two main topics of this video are money as a tool for social control and money in religion. He explains how, ever since the days of ancient Mesopotamia, the rich and powerful were able to use money to protect their social standing. Sehgal then draws from Hindu examples to detail a common doctrine of money ethics: It's okay to pursue it, but you must liberate yourself from it.