Majora Carter
President, The Majora Carter Group

Is it fair to ask developing countries to go green?

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We need to be supportive, not admonishing, Carter says.

Majora Carter

From 2001 to 2008 Majora Carter was Executive Director of the non-profit she founded, Sustainable South Bronx. There she pioneered green-collar job training and placement systems in one of the most environmentally and economically challenged parts of the US. This MacArthur "genius" is now president of her own economic consulting firm, a co-host on Sundance Channel's The Green, and host of a special public radio series called The Promised Land.


Question: Is it fair to ask developing countries to go green?

Majora Carter: I think we need to be realistic with ourselves. And we need to be supportive of developing countries so they can do that.

I don’t blame them for looking dead at America, and everybody else is saying, “Excuse me? You had the right to pollute all your lives and suddenly you’re saying, no, we can’t?” No. But we do need to be really supportive of them, so that they’re not making the same foolish mistakes that we made. So I think that that’s really going to be the way out of it.

Recorded on: March 17, 2008