O.J. Simpson: A Living History of Celebrity, Race, Love, and Justice

Documentary Film Producer and Director
Over a year ago

How someone views O.J. Simpson depends on who they are, where they come from, and their perspective on race, justice, power, and the media. These elements came together in what can only be called "the trial of the century" when Simpson was tried for committing the double murder of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman. The television broadcast of a low-speed chase of Simpson's Ford Bronco, and the dramatic fitting of the bloody gloves found at the scene, remain seared in the collective memory.

Ezra Edelman, director of ESPN's O.J. Simpson: Made in America

, comments on a telling interview Simpson once gave, confessing that his biggest goal in life was to become famous — not to be the world's greatest football player. He wanted people to see him and recognize him, and this is what likely informed his behavior. He was so comfortable on camera, many fans felt like they knew him personally as they watched the trial on their TV screens. Simpson loved to be loved by America.