Ezekiel Emanuel
Bioethicist, National Institutes of Health

Ezekiel Emanuel's Thoughts On The Aspen ideas Festival

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"One of the great things is I get to meet people who I would not otherwise meet."

Ezekiel Emanuel

Ezekiel Emanuel is the Chair of the Department of Bioethics at the Warren G. Magnuson Clinical Center at the National Institutes of Health. Dr. Emanuel is a well-known authority on the ethics of clinical research, end of life care issues, euthanasia and the ethics of managed care.

He has published in the New England Journal of Medicine, The Lancent, JAMA, and many other medical journals. His book The Ends of Human Life: Medical Ethics in a Liberal Polity received an honorable mention for the Rosenhaupt Memorial Book Award by the Woodrow Wilson Foundation. Dr. Emanuel was educated at Amherst College, Oxford University and Harvard University, from which he holds both an MD and PhD in political philosophy. He also served on the ethics section of President Clinton's Health Care Task Force, on the National Bioethics Advisory Committee, and on the bioethics panel of the Pan American Health Organization


Emanuel:    Well this is . . .  It’s been . . .  It’s a three year old festival, and I’ve been here each year – each of the three years teaching.  And for me one of the great things is I get to meet people who I would not otherwise meet either because they’re in business, or in some other area of pursuit that I just wouldn’t knock into them.  And I learn a lot from them.  Every year I have learned a tremendous amount; and in particular I would say about energy, the environment . . . technologies that are available.  That’s an area where I came to the Ideas Festival three years ago knowing very little.  I’ve learned a lot from here.  I’ve also learned a lot from people who are artists, and actors, and actresses here about art and how it influences them, and how it changes the way they see the world.  So for me, it’s really interacting with people and gaining a little bit of the knowledge that they have on topics that I don’t know anything about.