Eric Schmidt
Executive Chairman, Google

Eric Schmidt: How Long is the Future?

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Eric Schmidt appeared on a panel called "Taking the Long View – Building an Economic Foundation for the Future" at the Nantucket Project, a festival of ideas centered around the theme of change in today's world. With the global financial crisis ongoing, is the concept of “short-termism” an underlying explanation for our current woes? To this question, Schmidt posed his own: "How long is the future?" The answer is very different for a political leader, a government worker, and a long-term owner.

Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt is the Executive Chairman for Google (formerly CEO from 2001–2011). Prior to joining Google, Eric served on the board of directors for Apple Inc., the board of trustees for both Carnegie Mellon and Princeton Universities, was the chairman and CEO of Novell, Chief Technology Officer at Sun Microsystems, and served on the research staff at Xerox PARC, Bell Labs and Zilog. In 2005, Eric and his wife, Wendy, created The Schmidt Family Foundation, which focuses on the responsible use of energy and natural resources. The Foundation has launched several projects on Nantucket, including ReMain Nantucket, a program that seeks to build on the island’s unique history of conservation, independence and innovation.