Employees Should Be More Like Entrepreneurs

The CEO of ViSalus Sciences explains why entrepreneurially-minded employees are an asset.
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Ryan Blair:  Yeah, you know there are a lot of corporations that ask me, “Ryan what if you inspire all my employees to be entrepreneurs?  And I say great, they’re making the world a better place. The idea that you don’t want to inspire your employees to be entrepreneurial is ludicrous.  You want as many entrepreneurs within your company as possible and if I were a CEO and I had a manager that was stifling entrepreneurial inspiration within my corporation I would fire that manager immediately because you want as many entrepreneurial minded people as possible.  One of the greatest things that happens to me is when an employee quits and says, “Ryan, I'm quitting because you have inspired me to start a business.”  I mean you’re doing a value to the economy.  You’re doing a service basically when you inspire an employee to quit to become an entrepreneur and if you’re smart as a business owner invest in that employee and take an equity stake in that entrepreneur’s dreams.